SMTP Express - The Express Emailing Experience for Developers and Businesses

Total emails sent: 768,223

The single source of truth for all your transactional emails

Easily and securely send emails over HTTPS to and through any SMTP server. Manage all your email activities from a single dashboard

We are a developer first platform!

We provide a flexible API that allows developers to connect to any SMTP server and send transactional emails from any platform including web and mobile applications

Get setup even faster with our SDKs

An upgrade, not a compromise

The fastest way on the planet to send transactional emails. Emails that your emails reach your recipients' inbox every time.

Zero-Config Setup

We issue a sender email for all projects created on smtp express. Finally, you don’t need to own an smtp server to send emails anymore.

Advanced Send API

Our send API has been supercharged to ensure high deliverability for all your emails, extended functionalities for your emails including calendar invites.

Unified Email Activities

Even when switching between SMTP servers, your templates and emailing histories are never lost. We are ready to handle the dynamic nature of your projects

Advanced Template Engine

Dig in with some HTML & CSS, create an email template that suits your brand an looks cool. Send templates as document attachments or image attachments

Automatic Retries

Our internal servers kick in, when your custom servers cannot handle delivery, ensuring your emails always get sent. Now you have a fallback for your email deliveries

Email Verification as a Service

Managed end-to-end email verification letting you jump right into building your application while guaranteeing your users’ identity

Embracing collaboration across teams

Whether you're building solo or across a cross-functional team, we let you invite your teammates and business partners to collaborate with you as you craft an amazing emailing experience


Begin the express emailing experience

Let us handle the heavy lifting while you focus on creating an exceptional frontend experience.